Cross-scale concurrent material-structure design using functionally-graded 3D-printed metamaterials

The objective of the XS-Meta Innovative European Training Network project is to train a new generation of 14 researchers in concurrent material-structure design of high-technology structural systems, using functionally graded 3D-printed metamaterials.

XS-Meta Metamaterial Rectangle

XS-Meta involves 11 partners from 7 different countries, including reference research groups in 7 leading academic institutions, one public research institute and 3 companies.

XS-Meta involves different fields, from machine learning to computational and experimental materials science, manufacturing, applied mathematics, computational mechanics, and software engineering.

The scientific challenge in XS-Meta is to take advantage of the metal 3D printing technology to perform a change of paradigm on how engineering structural design is performed,

integrating the design of the metamaterial structure at the subscale with the engineering design of the component to develop a new generation of high-performance components. 

XS-Meta involves “hands-on” experience for the recruited Early Stage Researchers in the steps from design, structural analysis, manufacturing to testing of high-technology prototypes. XS-Meta involves leading industries in sectors of large added value which are vital for the competitiveness of the European society and which are important pathways for the careers of the ESRs: The aerospace and defence industry, the ecological automotive industry, virtual prototyping and engineering consultancy.



Manufacturing and testing FG metamaterials

Main innovations: Print and analyze the 3DP material for different processing conditions and geometries. Metamaterial cell printing and characterization. Rationalisation of the interconnection between processing, material and mechanical properties.